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(of a victory) won at too great a cost to have been worthwhile for the victor.


released March 23, 2019

Bernard Pfliger

James Cherry

Dakota Irwin
Guitar, Vocals

Brian Helm

Billy Zahn

Additional synth by Eric Milos

Cover art by Raymond Swanland

Produced by Alec Schneider and Frosthelm

Engineered by Graham Thomas

Makoche Studios
Bismarck, ND
January 2018

Mixed by Eric Milos

Mastered by Maor Appelbaum

Layout by V. Chapel
Photography by Banger 18 Multimedia
Vectors by Fivemilligrams


all rights reserved



Frosthelm North Dakota

Hailing from the frozen plains of North Dakota, FROSTHELM summon forth a vile brew of thrashend black metal misery; complete with crushing riffs, haunting melodies and catchy hook-laden songwriting, all cloaked in an aura of visceral melody.


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Track Name: A Gift of Razors
I long for the stars. All darkness beckons me. To forget who we are and all we can’t unsee. In the distance where the sun cascades it’s throne. Never rest. Never grow old. The deeper the wound, the deeper the mark. As distorted outlines run suppressed in the dark. Damnation I am. Holding the lantern close. Dying in this terror I created in myself. Peaceful intentions to larval progressions. This hideous blackened trance. Gaze into torments made flesh. A skeletal gate. Hellish secrets seal my fate. I am free. I am dead. Still to the touch. Cold as lead. Paralyzed in despair. Left to weakness beyond compare. Sulphuric sages caress the crystal ball. Shadows silhouette the night from the flickering of a candle. I see all. Reeling rigid agony. A wall of decaying death. Invoking apparitions. Augmented sixth sense. Ruinous hexes thrown to the wind. A promise to harvest souls, with no intent to rescind. Swept beneath the tides of sanity. With nefarious strength, plunge deep into the frozen sea. A breath of malignant fever will carry the soul. A Gift Of Razors. Desolation untold. Within the black these sullen clouds frame lurid skies. An endless rain does fall. Only death can purify. All is lost, sending echoes through eternity. Purge myself with fire. Reckless destiny.
Track Name: Serpentine Embrace
Bear the gift of unlight. Vile conscription. By gods and masters. To erect a shrine of our own demise. Cast aside all pleasantries of life. Pray for death. All is nought. Tear out the eyes of god. Forged in hellfire and quenched in glacial rime. A trail of blood left in the snow. Soaked into dirt. Soaring dauntless crow. Lead me through this fiery afterlife. Crashing eons bleeding through the night. Both of us want to leave this earth. Sleep of scarlet dreams. Rest in soiled mirth. Restless among the living. Peaceful among the dead. Heavens raining nails. Forecast lurking dread. A pact we made, forged in death. Occult evisceration. Final breath. Unwanted ever-bleak. Herald across the moon. Stare through my heart with daggers. Awake lethargic doom. Ethereal blood sucked from flesh. Timeless spiritual leech firmly entrenched. Rivers of fire. Nebulous inferno. Formless death. Ancient wind hollows. Corrupted angels fail to descry this blood-tinged halo of mine. Welkin coals burn so obscure. From the pits of hell, blazing azure. Travel through the stream of life. Damned by fate. All in order. Too far, too late. Venomous rapture. Clouds of dismay. Everything broken. Everything the same. Ashes of moments once kept in place. Sweeping waves of regret. Serpentine Embrace.
Track Name: The Sorceress
alice drips from your lips. Shades of concrete adorn your eyes. Drowning in a sea of venomous lies. This haunting fear, conjured from depths of tepid disgust. Spells woven true. Of darkest nights and spectral wounds. Beyond the realms of pain. Years of wandering. Buried alive. Imminent decay. Befallen. ancient dark cascades unknown. Subdued by winter’s wrath. Consult the bones not one will last. To carry this curse is cruel. Crumbling empires in absence of you. Frigid landscapes distantly crushing. Wild windswept plains of nothing. I watched the sun die today. A momentary revelation so impure. So arcane. A destiny of misery. Inverted cross to bear. Wandering immortal night. Pallid lifeless stare. Charm the tongues of many. Revealed by viper’s eyes. Call for deaths of angels. Falling from the sky. No light to behold. Bewitching callous hands. Strangle my will to live. Unending misfortunes. I am the aftermath left behind your betrayal. Shattered remnants of honesty remain. Disenchanted. Spiritless. Free of life. Walks away from me. Doomed forever. It ends. Disappear
Track Name: Pisslord
Dwell in darkness. All light consumed. Agonizing animations seep from this tomb. Unholy communion. Blood flows like time. Gutted at the altar. Prehistoric evil alive. Colds nights. Death’s eyes wrapped around my neck. Twisting my purpose. Offer my body to shed. Residing in the darkest flames. Cosmic void to bury myself away. No gore escaping slumber. Arms of prime evil released. Heathen dead conspire to outnumber. I pull myself through the mirror. Sleep in graves dug with hope. Life is a desperation hanging from a rope. The end is near. Devoid of shine. Left to face enduring sands of time. This beast before me. Recollection of my past. Frozen dreams. Rivers of blood. My reflection no longer lasts. Astral storms illuminate. Trapped in artificial light. No prayers are answered. Waiting to die. Lifting curses from my shoulders. This torment is far from over.
Track Name: Immortal Nightfall / A Dreamless Lust
Bring the storm. We are waiting. Suffocating fear. Loathing all creation. Dreadful scorned past. blinded by shadows cast. The flames of vengeance light my path. These eyes see deeper than you bleed. Everything we’ve ever known is dead to me. Immortal Nightfall beckon the end. Interred in ice. Flesh won’t contend. A Dreamless Lust awaits beneath dead horizons. Poisoned by faith. A slow obliteration. Bursting behind closed eyes. A selfless demise. This lifeless miracle. Transcending death metaphysical. Cut from myself. Indivisible.
Track Name: Pyrrhic II: Looming Dusk
Ashen mist surrounds my corpse. The flesh is but a vessel. The elements orbit violently along the edge of a blade. Mortally wounded. Fatally fucked. Clinging darkness covered in lies. Rabid animations claw out my eyes. Life drains with vampiric force. Diminished halls of light. Engulfed in locusts. Scorching my soul. A fog-ridden twilight. Downward spiral. Bestowing spirits with whispers from the void. Aimlessly drifting to eternally destroy. A regretful morning in the wake of this tide. Everlasting drought. Cryptic sunset rise. Grave dissension. I will be the swarm. Casket shaped vengeance, tired and worn. Going nowhere, perilous, dispel. The only exit is death itself. Death secretions from the netherside. Demonic nuclear fallout. Nothing will survive. Breathing in stardust. Paradisal frost. A majestic disaster. Crestfallen. Looming Dusk.

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